Calculating the numbers and understanding the impact of unsustainable energy sources and their effect on our world can be mind-numbing. However, when you reduce this to your little carbon footprint and your small influence on the planet, it can be more manageable. Our job at Callidus is to make renewable energy in Cornwall a reality for your home with our solar panels, heat pumps, battery storage and more.

How does renewable energy in Cornwall work for my home?

It is often considered a futuristic fallacy that you can create and use your own energy. It is entirely possible for you to live off-grid with the right balance of solar panels and energy storage. Our team will guide you through the abundance of options for renewable energy that will encompass solar panel design, battery storage selection and, finally, installation.

Our renewable energy sources in Cornwall are ideal for any property which has the ability to capture sunlight during the daytime. If you have a home that possesses that trait, you are one step closer to reducing the amount you spend on electricity bills, improving your carbon impact and helping to promote a greener, more sustainable way of life.

Why choose Callidus?

We are a trusted renewable energy installer in Cornwall capable of guiding you through the myriad of questions you may have about this often-confusing world. If you would like to know how our services can be moulded to your needs, get in contact with us today.