There is always a next step towards making your home more energy efficient and green. While you may be shunning single-use plastics and recycling everything that you possibly can, there is always something else you can do to improve your carbon foot print. A growing trend for homeowners is to this is by installing solar panels on your home’s roof which can gather and store energy for you and your family to use.

Our residential solar panels in Devon at Callidus are trusted across the county for a number of reasons. Not least the affordability, the future savings you will make and the feeling of doing something positive for the planet, but for our ability to install them professionally.

Why choose Callidus for our residential solar panels in Devon?

  1. Energy storage and battery help: Our professionals are tasked with helping you design and install the solar panels but also in choosing the right battery for your home. This will come down to a variety of factors which can be discussed at length with our professionals.
  2. High-quality installation: We pride ourselves on installations that not only look great from the outside but achieve maximum efficiency in capturing the Devon sunshine.
  3. Monitor energy on the go: With our SolarX installations, you are just a tap of an app away from checking and monitoring the energy in your home wherever you are.

To discover more about our installation and designing of residential solar panels in Devon, get in contact with our team today.