Real Life Energy Savings With Solar & Storage.

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It’s always difficult to be sure that when you are buying a solar and battery that the savings stated are going to be achieved. People still think that solar is a bit of a gimmick, but throughout the year Cornwall, Devon and Somerset are net exporters of energy due to...

Solar For Business, does it work and what it will do for me?

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Some companies have bought into solar and others haven’t, why? When solar first took hold in the U.K. during 2010 & 11, the cost of solar was very high. 50kw systems costing £120,000 to £170,000 or £3.40 a Watt, depending on what kind of system they had installed. There... Modern Homes Demand Smart Technology

What Would Solar Panels & Battery Storage Really Do For Me?

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There has been scepticism of solar panels and people do question if it really works!  Callidus has been installing solar since the beginning of the feed-in-tariff and has installed many thousands of systems.  The truth is that solar does work and offers greater opportu...