Commercial Solar Panels Significantly Reduces Your Energy Bill

Energy Security equals business security

With the cost of energy rising daily and no price cap in place for businesses like there are for residential customers, the price of energy has no ceiling to how high it can go!

How does solar protect your business?

  • Solar makes your business instantly more profitable
  • Protect your business from future energy price rise/shocks
  • Get paid for your energy production
  • Gives you an advantage over your competitors
  • Installation & Equipment can be FREE

By engaging with Callidus and installing solar panels, your business will become immediately more competitive and efficient, by reducing your existing operating expenditure.

This can either be by using your own capital or a PPA option which is a free solar for businesses option. Both have merit, depending on your company’s strategy you can deliver on both carbon reduction and costs savings.

By reducing one of your business's largest tenures; your energy bill, your business becomes profitable, and will give you an advantage over your competitors in regards to your operating costs. 

We can prove the reliability of our installations and what effect they can have on your business to achieve energy bill reduction.

Payback can be achieved relatively quickly; it can take 4 to 6 years depending on your energy consumption and direction of your roof.


Callidus will guide you through the process from start to finish. 

From the initial meeting to final handover, you are in good hands with Callidus. The first meeting is to gather some information about the business and how it uses energy. From this site visit we can undertake a high-level design and pricing of the proposed project. We then return to present you with our design and discuss the pricing options available. Once the design and pricing has been agreed in principle, we undertake a full site survey and confirm our design and pricing.  We ensure permissions are in place with the DNO and produce a project plan and carry out the construction of the installation. Once the site is commissioned, we complete O&Ms and handover the installation.


  • NHS - North Devon District 
  • Western Power Distribution
  • Kawasaki
  • Leeks Department Stores
  • Devon & Cornwall Police
  • Devon & Somerset Fire and Rescue Service
  • Newton Abbot College
  • South Devon College
  • Tamar Bridge
  • Trago Mills
  • Austins 
  • EMS

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Join the many thousands of happy solar customers in the southwest that have had an installation completed by us. Our customers reduced their energy bills and saved money.

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Capital Solar Project

If you have available capital within your business, you can’t make a better investment than solar, this is because it demonstrates to your customers that you have taken the necessary steps to reduce your carbon footprint and that your company cares about your environment.

The added benefit is that solar also makes a lot of sense regards the return on investment, offering payback's depending on energy usage between four and six years.

This is fantastic in regards ROI of between 17% to 25% year on year. For Companies having more considerable energy usage these ROI numbers can be higher.

The way that a solar system works is that solar is generated from the roof and then is transferred to inverters, from the inverters this is then connected to your internal electrical infrastructure which powers your property. The power generated will be utilised by the business first and any additional power can then be transferred onto the grid.

Typically, solar panels have a life expectancy of longer than 50 years and will continue to support your business for many years to come. If interested, please contact Callidus for more information and how to get a free quote.

PPA Project

What is a solar PPA? Well, a solar PPA is a power purchase agreement. This means that one of our funders will fund your solar system, and Callidus will install it completely free. allowing you to take the energy from the solar system at a reduced cost to what you already pay the grid. This means that you can keep your capital for other projects you may wish to tackle within your business.

With a solar PPA, it is wholly maintained by Callidus during the lifetime of the PPA, that term is entirely up to you. A PPA doesn't mean that somebody owns your roof; it's a mutual agreement between you, Callidus and our funder on what would be installed on your roof and over what term, this time is completely up to you and will depend on your strategic requirements within the business.

At the end of that term, your business becomes the owner of that asset. It will continue to make additional savings at the full rate, having never paid for the system under any capital outlay it is like a pay as you go scheme, with no risk to yourself. You can end the PPA at anytime

The way a PPA works is that energy is generated on the roof, which powers inverters and that solar electricity is then passed via a generation meter, this solar electricity will be cheaper than what you are currently paying from the National Grid.

Any electricity that isn't used by the business is passed back onto the National Grid, this is deducted from the generation meter giving you the required kWhs to pay. This means you only pay for what you use. PPA start to make sense when we have electricity bills that are over £50,000 a year

PPA is a fantastic option for those businesses who find other more pressing projects.

Companies are undertaking PPA as their route to carbon reduction and energy savings. If you require any further information on this, please contact Callidus

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