Do you need to power your residential or commercial property with an alternative power source?

Connections to the grid in remote locations are becoming increasingly more expensive. Connecting your new build or class Q property is proving tricky due to the requirement of upgrading the local power supply. We have seen quotes from the energy providers ranging from £20k to £250k, and once you have paid this fee then you have a bill to pay for monthly.

However, Callidus provide a simple alternative that’s an affordable solution to living Off-Grid, which can power your home or business using solar, battery storage and if required a backup generator, with a hands-off system that takes care of your electrical requirements automatically. You can also control your household from anywhere in the world whilst getting all the power you need. Talk to Callidus and come to the showroom & design suite in Newton Abbot. We design and offer many different sizes of off-grid system from powering a light in a shed to powering a house or business that has a large electrical demand. Contact Callidus to find out more.

Want to live off-grid?

This is our off-grid in a box system, it can be placed outside or in a barn or anywhere within reason. It’s designed to give you up to 10kw of solar and 7.2 kWh of battery storage and give 4.2kw of continuous power and 10kw of peak. It can be connected to an auto start generator for complete peace of mind, and can be monitored & controlled remotely. Ideal for new build homes with no power connections to the national grid. The whole system is designed to offer 5000 kWh per year.

Callidus preconfigured what we call the COG (Callidus Off-Grid) unit that is designed to reduce the cost of off-grid installations. Off-grid installations can be time-consuming and the cost of this type of installation sometimes is unknown at the beginning of the project.

By building the system off-site in our production facility, this gives you certainty to the end price and quality of the overall installation. Our COG units offer power ranges from 2.4 kW to 12 kW output in AC 230 volt power and stores from 2.56kWhs to 33kWhs. The average home in the UK that is on grid uses approximately 10 kWh of electricity, so you can see these systems offer massive power outputs and storage. We will build the unit to your requirements, save money contact Callidus today.

The below charts are from one of our off-grid systems that is designed to offer 10kWhs a day, it has 18 X 300w panels and a 5000va inverter with 10kwh of battery storage and a 6000va backup generator.

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