Do you need to power your residential or commercial property with an alternative power source?

Off-Grid Solar Energy

With more and more properties being constructed and our continuous requirement for power, it is not always possible for the power company to provide a connection because of under capacity in the area or the property simply being too far away from the grid. Either way, the cost of an upgrade is your responsibility as the homeowner.

However, depending on your energy demands an off-grid solution is worth considering. There are many ways that you can power your property, such as solar, wind, hydro etc, separately or a combination of all of them together. On top of this, you need to consider what form of storage you will use and it can all become a bit daunting. This is why Callidus are here to help. We can do all the work for you or design and supply the equipment and help you with commissioning, It is up to you how much we get involved. Speak to Steve and discuss your options and see what is possible.

Callidus Home COG

Callidus COG Callidus Off grid home unit

Callidus COG Callidus Off grid home unit

Callidus Home COG (Callidus Off-Grid) is a preconfigured unit that is designed to reduce the cost of off-grid installations.

Off-grid installations can be time-consuming and the cost of this type of installation sometimes is unknown at the beginning of the project.

By building the system off-site in our production facility, this gives you certainty to the end price and quality of the overall installation.

Our COG units offer power ranges from 2.4 kW to 12 kW output in AC 230 volt power and stores from 2.56 kWhs to 33kWhs.

The average home in the UK that is on grid uses approximately 10 kWh of electricity, so you can see these systems offer massive power outputs and storage.

How They Are Charged

Typically our COG units can be powered by solar, wind and hydro. Renewable energy sources such as Solar can integrate from one panel of 100Watts to 30-40+kW.

COG can also integrate with back up generators with auto start function so that you are never without power, even in the darkest days of winter and when there is no wind in the summer.

The Problem…

Using a generator is a great way to offer backup to your off-grid living, however, it’s a costly way to run your home full time. This is because of a few important factors.


Generators need servicing every 250/500 hours, this means that if you are running them 24 hrs a day, you will need to service the generator every 10 to 20 days.


Generators will run on petrol, diesel and LPG, using a generator 24hrs a day will become very expensive because of the cost of fuel and getting the fuel to the site, can be problematic due to the sheer amount of fuel required and the delivery method used


Even the most silenced generators still make noise and can become a problem with local neighbours if running at night, and can start ruining your enjoyment of your property.

The Solution!

By using a COG unit, this will allow you to run a generator for far less as you will use the onboard batteries to power your home and not the generator. This means that a 6kW generator running for just an hour and a half over a 24hr period, into 10kW hours of battery should be sufficient on average to power your home for a 24hr period. Thus extending your time dramatically between servicing and reducing fuel costs.

However, if you have a renewable energy source such as wind or solar, the time that you use your generator will be reduced further still. Any impact on noise is also reduced and during times of good generation from your renewable source, your generator may not have to run for weeks or possibly months.

Every COG unit comes with the following integrated within it:

  • Inverter charger
  • MPPT for Solar or Wind
  • Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery
  • Integrated web management via GSM/ADSL/LoRaLAN
  • APP Control
  • Integrated control unit either remote or local
  • Local three pin 240Volt sockets
  • Commando socket output to 16/32Amp with appropriate protection

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