We supply Off-Grid systems for Residential, Commercial, Equestrian and Farming needs across the UK

Living Off-Grid in the UK is more than possible with our Callidus Off-Grid systems

Callidus provides off-grid solar and battery systems for the smallest stable to the largest house or business. Whether it’s an existing building, a new build design or Class Q permitted development planning, we will help you with your system design and implementation.

We are happy to offer as much help on this as you may need. We take real care to ensure that our systems we design are fit for your needs, so that you equipment produces the power you need when you need it.


The off-grid systems we design and built are around the customer needs and requirements to ensure that your off-Grid living is as carefree as possible. We only use Victron equipment on our builds, because they have 45 year heritage in manufacturing quality equipment for the Off-Grid, Marine, emergency services and the armed forces, plus many more.

Callidus are fully trained Victron engineers that have invested time and money in the quality training from Victron to ensure we give you the correct product for your needs.

Below is a 18 x 320 watt panel system with 10 kWh’s of lithium Battery, 5kva inverter/charger with remote monitoring.

The system is designed to run a small business and a house installed in Somerset

Below is a 30 x 320 watt panel system with 10 kWh’s of lithium Battery, 5kVa inverter/charger which will be expanded later to 10kVa when the site is further developed, this system has remote monitoring.

The system is designed to run the stables at first then a house when its built. Installed in Hampshire

Below is a 12 x 320 watt panel system with 7.2 kWh’s of lithium Battery, 5kVa inverter/charger, this system has remote monitoring.

The system is designed to run these stables, which have things like water pumps, kettles, lighting, Haygain steamer and static caravan, which included ovens washing machines etc. Installed in Devon

Below is a 60 x 320 watt panel system with 14 kWh’s of lithium Battery, with two 8kVa inverter/charger, this system has remote monitoring.

The system is designed to run the manor house, annex and these workshops, , which included ovens washing machines etc. Installed in Cornwall

off-grid Ease of use

It is important our systems are simple to use, and that you the customer should be able to use the system easily. We design our systems to need as little human interaction as possible. Built in to the design is the integration of remote monitoring and control, this can be accessed by use of smart phone, tablet or computer. This adds an important dimension of control, enabling you to view your system performance from your arm chair and even turn things like generators on remotely.

Smart Off-Grid Design

How many batteries and solar panels you will need, will depend on what your energy needs are on site, One size doesn’t fit all. We use sophisticated software to design your system to ensure it delivers power all year round in line with your expectations.

All systems we build are expandable so if you require more power down the road you can simply add to it, so you don’t have to start again and you current equipment become redundant. We pre-build all our Off-Grid systems in a controlled environment, this is to ensure that we maintain the highest quality and build standards. Every system is electrically tested, load tested, commissioned and updated before being installed at your premises.

Off-grid Support

The system will be fully explained, demonstrated and handed over to you by our Callidus engineer on the day of commissioning. in the first few weeks, you will be getting to know your system, and you will be curious what light may mean on your system. We are here to support you

We offer support via the phone or we can log on to your system remotely to take full control of it, this allows Callidus make and updates or changes as required. 98% of the time remote support is more than adequate, however onsite support is also available at a cost if required.

Built in Efficiency

Our systems are designed to be efficient and making the best use of all available renewable energy on your site, be it the sun. Renewable power will be charged into batteries efficiently to ensure that you achieve the maximum conversion of power into a usable energy for your home or business.

The below charts are from one of our off-grid systems that is designed to offer 10kWhs a day, it has 18 X 300w panels and a 5000va inverter with 10kWh of battery storage and a 6000va backup generator.

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