On Grid Systems

We expend energy almost constantly throughout the day in our homes. Our fridges keep running, our computers rarely take a break, lighting is used every evening and the weekly washing will not do itself. All of these things cost money, add to your bills and provide you with a dilemma of sustainability. How can you achieve responsible energy usage while doing your bit for the environment?

The answer lies with our solar panels at Callidus. We have become a leading purveyor and installer of solar panels across England and Wales for cottages, homes, apartments, businesses and more. If you are a homeowner or business owner searching for better ways to generate and store electricity and power, you are in the right place. Our solar panel installations are trusted by homeowners & businesses across the UK and they offer a vast array of future benefits for your home, your bills and your carbon footprint.

Why choose Callidus solar panel installations for your home or business?

To install solar panels that are ideal for your property, our team will work hard to ensure that you have a solar panel system which can achieve the best energy capture during sunlight hours, while ensuring that you have a battery storage system in place to cope with the demands of your home and your energy usage.

Our professional team at Callidus make this happen by combining our years of experience in the solar panel industry. You can get started on improving your home’s energy efficiency today and start saving money and energy.

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Join the many thousands of happy solar customers in the southwest that have had an installation completed by us. Our customers reduced their energy bills and saved money.

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Solar Panels for your home

Choosing the right installation for your home is very important, it's hard to choose from all the different options & opinions on the internet. Here at Callidus we try to cut though all that noise and we only stick with one type of panel and one type of solar only inverters. When we are working on your property we are working on the most important part of your house, your roof!

We have installed over 4000 installation across the UK on both residential and commercial premises ranging from 1 panel systems to 5600 panels for a commercial business 

Once we understand your needs it is easier for us to guide you in the right direction, contact Callidus on the get a quote button to request your free quote 

Solar panels and battery storage

Selecting the correct Solar & battery storage system for you is vital, you need to be very careful to select the system that suits your needs. You also need to ensure that the battery is going to last the test of time and that the panels will do the same.

There are several home storage battery solutions on the market and Callidus endeavors to only supply the best systems available.

The capacity of home electricity batteries ranges from 2.4kWh to 30 kWh; some have enough energy to power your whole house throughout the day & overnight, and other systems are designed to remove the base load from your house.

When selecting a manufacture we strongly recommend Victron, they have been in the market for 45 years and started in the marine industry and only make quality product. We love them for the usability and remote-control function via Victron VRM , which no other manufacture has such comprehensive control, which allows for more customisable product to your needs i.e.

  • Charging your batteries from the grid at nighttime to access their cheap nighttime rate hours
  • Your power remains on even in a power cut
  • Turns on remote devices like heater light etc.
  • & lots of other very smart things 

Once we understand your needs it easier for us to guide you in the right direction, contact Callidus on the get a quote button to request your free quote 

Solar Panels for your Business

Reduce Your Business Expenditure

By engaging with Callidus, your business will become immediately more competitive and efficient by reducing your existing operating expenditure.

By reducing one of your business’s largest tenures, your energy bill, your business becomes profitable by installing solar panels and could give you the advantage over your competitors in regard to your operating cost.  We can prove the reliability of our installations and what effect they can have on your business to achieve energy bill reduction.

Payback can be achieved relatively quickly, it can take 5 to 6 years depending on your energy consumption and direction of your roof.

Callidus will guide you through the process from start to finish

From the initial meeting to final handover, you are in good hands with Callidus. The first meeting is to gather some information about the business and how it uses energy. From this site visit we can undertake a high-level design and pricing of the proposed project. We then return to present you with our design and discuss the pricing options available. Once the design and pricing has been agreed in principle, we undertake a full site survey and confirm our design and pricing.

We ensure permissions are in place with the DNO and produce a project plan and carry out the construction of the installation. Once the site is commissioned, we complete O&Ms and hand the installation over to the new owner.

On Grid Case Studies

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solar panel system in the South hams devon

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callidus off grid solar ground mount

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What our clients say

This is definitely the best place to buy solar panels, storage batteries and energy-efficient heaters. Amazing service and great value.

Frank Richardson, Coventry

We had a ten-panel domestic installation. The price was competitive, the installers and electricians were excellent, all up and running in a couple of days, friendly and helpful service through out.

Ken Streat, Devon

Callidus were extremely professional from start to finish with the installation at our unit. Dealing with their team was a pleasure.

Stephen Larkin, Devon

These guys were great, no pushy sales, just a great solution that works really well. We have batteries and solar from them, and it’s saved us a fortune on our electricity bills, with great advice on how to make the most of our dual rate tariff. Their technical knowledge is second to non.

Shaun O'Sullivan , Devon

The entire team at Callidus, from the top to the bottom, are amazing. Knowledge, support, passion to place the customer and their needs at the centre of the process, throughout all phases. Clear explanations with realistic expectations; no over inflated figures to close out a deal. I am so satisfied with their approach that I have already completed an expansion of my system; NOT because it didn’t perform as promised, but in fact we are generating more than expected so have increased the battery storage!! I am now looking to see if they can provide a windmill option to harness the overnight wind potential :)

Marcus Rowe, Cornwall

Just had Callidus solar & battery storage installed .Donna lovely person to speak with, nothing to much trouble.
Brian the electrician, top class,explained everything to be done, very tidy work.
Ross did the panels explaining everything before he started,the finished job looks top class.
Thanks to Ross and Brian for what they did.

Stephen Welham, Devon