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callidus portable and off grid power

Boats & Motorhome AC Portable Power

Providing portable AC power to Motorhomes, Caravans & Boats is a great way to extend the range and locations you visit at weekends or during your longer getaways. Our portable power unit has been designed following the frustrations of the owner of Callidus when, while on a trip away to a remote location, access to mains power was impossible with a generator being too cumbersome and noisy.

This provoked the thought that if Callidus has taken many houses and business off-grid, we must be able to do it for boats, caravans and motorhomes. After searching and travelling the world for the correct solution, nothing achieved the right criteria such as quality of materials, output in kW, recharging ability and longevity of the inbuilt lithium battery.

Callidus Off Grid (COG)

The Callidus COG (Callidus Off-Grid) had to be able to provide sufficient energy to power high energy-drawing devices such as a hairdryer for 10 minutes, a set of straighteners for 10 minutes, to boil a kettle of water, reheat a meal in a microwave and still be able to do it all over again 3 times without being recharged. The COG also needed to be able to cope well with lower drawing devices, such as TV and lighting etc. All of these design criteria have been achieved and exceeded.

The unit itself can be recharged in multiple ways; it can be recharged by a 12-volt alternator, typically in less than an hour from 80% discharged state.

Additionally and simultaneously it is also possible to recharge the unit from fixed solar panels via MPPT or from non-fixed flexible solar panels. Recharge time depends on the output of the panels & Wind Turbines. These methods of recharging can be used together to recharge the unit faster or if the battery is low to add extra power to support the AC draw.

The unit doesn’t need to be recharged from 230 AC power as highlighted above but can be automatically recharged when you hook up on a site or when you return to the marina’s shore power. The unit will detect the mains voltage and fully recharge itself ready for your next adventure.



Motorboats & Sailboat AC Power

By adding an effective AC power supply to either an ocean-going vessel or inshore coastal craft, it can make all the difference when it comes to comfort and making your experience on the water great, in providing and allowing you to go and explore those far off places in the confidence that you will have a reliable power supply.

We can do all the work for you or design and supply the equipment and help you with commissioning, it is up to you how much we get involved. Speak to Steve and discuss your options and see what is possible.

Motorhomes & Caravans AC Power

Some sites provide electrical hookups, however, there are some Motorhome parks and campsites in more remote locations that don’t and you may find yourself not planning to go there due to the lack of an electrical hookup. By having an onboard power source, this can extend your adventures to places you would not normally visit, and give you the creature comforts you desire.

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