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Solar & Battery. The Perfect Partner

Typically, the power usage on a boat, motor or sail is 12-volt that can easily provide power for lighting and maybe a 12-volt fridge. However, you can’t use simple appliances like hairdryers, TV, coffee machine, induction cooker or use a water maker.

When you are looking at the options to install mains power on your vessel, you can install a small inverter which never quite does the job, leaving you with flat batteries, or you are looking to install a generator that costs between £6-10,000 and all the fuss of the installation. Making holes in the side of your boat for engine cooling, plus extra fuel tanks which all adds to the expense. You will also need to crane the boat out of the water, and once finished you are blessed with a noisy, smelly, dirty way of generating power that will require continuous oil changes and servicing.

Introducing the LPS, this unit has two output levels, the first being 1.5kw and the second 2.5kw continuous power both have a peak 5kw output, All the while doing it silently. They are designed to run those high demand items that make boating a more pleasurable experience, that can allow you to extend your enjoyment from days to weeks.

Powering all your high usage devices while afloat

Available in 1.5kW & 2.5kW continuous output, and offers 5kW peak

Independently powered lithium battery cell

Rechargeable from solar, 12V alternator & mains power.

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