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Solar PV Maintenance

Solar systems are extremely reliable, however like most technologies they all still require to be maintained to maximise output efficiency.

Callidus are experts in solar PV systems and want all customers, existing and new, to maximise their return on their investment. We offer a maintenance service to customers where our trained staff visit your property to inspect, service and repair your PV array system to ensure you are generating power at peak capacity for the expected lifespan of the panels and to ensure it continues to receive the full return you expect from your investment.

Prevention is always the best cure and Callidus recommend regular servicing at least once a year and is the best way to ensure your system is running safely and efficiently.

Solar Pv Panels Inverter Replacement

Solar Pv inverters fail from time to time and need replacing, as the solar industry has matured the solar installer that completed your installation may not be in business. Here at Callidus, we can help! We can offer you an over the phone idea of what the cost of replacement will cost and an estimate via email. Please click the below link and send us an email with the following:

1 How many panels and make
2 Make and model of the inverter
3 The issue with an inverter if known/ error code
4 General site information


Inverter inspection and test, covering,
Inverter software updates and ensuring fully operational
Potential early life warranty
Parameters and performance
DC/AC cable connectivity covering
Check all cabling and connections from the Solar PV system to the mains supply
Isolators where applicable
Damage check
Installation resistance test
Earth resistance check
Meter covering
Check generation meter reading & cable connections
Visual inspection
MCS Certification on all works carried out by Callidus.

Cost of a typical service is £130+vat

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